The Aquaer Generator uses the absolute humidity of air, condensing it with the support of a refrigeration system.

Aquaer Generators are installed outside on a grounded surface. They are completely isolated and protected against rust and ultraviolet rays.

As main advantages we can mention:

  • Generators Aquaer are independent of any external source of water as raw material is air, and it works drawing moisture from it.
  • Reliable: The generator ensures independent water production on weather conditions, day and night.
  • Versatile: It is designed to work both in desert or warm inland areas, and coastal areas.
  • Automatic: No need labor.
  • Autonomy: The self-regulating generator according to weather conditions.
  • Ecological: No waste, it is completely safe for the environment. They do not produce abnormal noises, or gases or polluting waste.
  • It operates independently of air pollution: Using the input filter suspended in the air in cities particles are retained. Furthermore polluting gases are noncondensable to obtain temperature at which water and would be driven with excess air.
  • Transportable: It is adjustable to the rear of a truck or van.
  • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and changing filters realizable by an inexperienced person.
  • The water obtained is record for consumption, gathering all physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics required by the Food Code. Its anti-bacterial, ultraviolet lamp ensures a bacteria free water.


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