AQUAER GENERATOR founded in 2004 to commercialize water generators AQUAER, the only market that use the moisture in the air to produce water, being independent from any water source, even for desert climates.

Final offer both domestic consumption as the large consumption solutions; intensive irrigation, golf courses, resorts and camps both civilian and military. Our biggest concern is the quality of our products, with multiple controls in our production, making our infallible generators.

Strategic partnerships

AQUAER GENERATORS was created from the experience in several engineering companies, as REFRIGERATOR ADVICE over 40 years of experience in the sector, with the aim of exploiting the patent of generators.

And so we offer a complete package of supply of water, and using the byproduct of the generator, with support facilities offer cooling and power supply, resulting in high EFFICIENCY.

As partners also have ALTECFRIO is a Industrial Refrigeration company whose main activity is instlaciones industrial refrigeration (cold storage) and installation of Air Conditioning System (ISO 9001/2000 clidad.). ALTECFRIO is responsible for the mounting series of products.

For marketing we are associated with Namibia AQUAPLUS ltd., This delegation with extensive experience in the field of business projects, working with international organizations and NGOs, also has important contacts in the Namibian government.

We cooperate with a commission contract. It is argued that time is come to produce from Namibia directly.

Business lines:

Aquaer is in full expansion, in addition to the two business lines:

  • Spain providing quality water, electricity and refrigeration for resorts with golf, food industry (beer and ice).
  • Humanitarian aid (as projects in the Namib Desert).

Aquaer mounted 2 product lines more:

  • Desalination and Purification: With a new patent AQUAER has developed a desalination plant with a minimum expenditure of energy give you a high quality water. Ideal for desalination of seawater and purification in the olive industry. CENTA (center of new water technologies) has given us a space to install our desalination plant at its facility in Carrión de los Céspedes for certification.
  • Energy: Water and energy are the major problems for development. Aquaer currently being introduced strongly in the water supply for thermal power and cogeneration plants.


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